SKG Wide Chute Slow Juicer Review

SKG Wide Chute Slow Juicer

The SKG Wide Chute Slow Juicer (also referred to as a masticating juicer) benefits from its low speed operation to minimize issues with oxidation, which means the extracted juice is fresher, tastes better and is more nutritious.

Plus, it has the added benefit of lasting longer (up to 3 days in the refrigerator).

Performance: the large mouth chute – at 3 inches (76mm) – helps to speed up the entire juice extracting process. The wide chute is useful for accepting a wide range of large ingredients. Plus, there is less prep work needed with the option to place bigger pieces into the juicer. A further benefit is the machine’s ability to resist clogging. The actual yield per piece of fruit is very high. This can easily amount to 65-70% for a piece of celery, 85-90% for an orange, or 65-70% for an apple.

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Quality of Juice: the SKG Slow Juicer operates at a speed of 60 RPM and a high-performance 240-watt AC motor. The slow action of the auger helps to hold onto the natural taste of the juice to deliver the most flavorful juice possible. Alternative juicers like the centrifugal units crush and grind at a faster speed which can compromise the heat-sensitive nutrients in the base ingredients.

Design: the design of the SKG Slow Juicer is striking with a red/black combination that will look very appealing on any countertop. Also, it has the vertical built which means it has a small footprint and will take up minimal space in the small urban kitchen. The juicer is heavy-duty with a total weight of 16 lbs to ensure it stays in place while in use. It has a useful handle which helps with cleaning and moving. Plus, the actual build materials are high-quality in Tritan which is an anti-oxidation, food-grade material.


High-quality Motor: the built in 240-watt AC motor has the ability to deliver reliable performance for the long-term

Wide Chute: the SKG Slow Juicer has a wide chute to easily accept the bigger produce, which not only saves time but also helps to minimize oxidation.

Sealed Juicing Space: this slow juicer has a dedicated juicing space that is fully sealed to prevent oxidation.

Multi-functional: beyond the ability to deliver the freshest juice, this machine can also help with making other drinks and desserts, such as tofu and sorbet.


  • Wide chute (much less prep work)
  • Fast at extracting juice
  • Very easy to clean
  • Replacement parts (if needed) are inexpensive
  • Stylish vertical design to take up minimal space


  • A little noisy with plenty of squeaks and squeals
  • At the higher end of the price range

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